Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The fairy of leaf death and decay

That which calls to you is the night, and there is beauty there within the fear.

The dark fairy of the falling leaves takes down the trees ability to make food and molds the leaves. Rot and decay are his life.

Yet it is in the rot and decay of this creature that the forest survives.

For new life grows from furtal death, and the trees would not survive if they had to work to keep leaves in the long cold winter.

Death and the dark fairy can be a form of survivile and even beauty, for one cannot deny the beauty of the orange and red leaves, or of the earthy brown that overcomes the world just before the snow falls.

The Pixies lead one astray

Beware the pixies for they lead one astray. Pixies are not the friendly or beautiful creatures modern people imagin them to be but are a truely dark fairy, they steal and lead humans astray both in simple matters and relationships.
If you see and fall in love with someone you shouldn't look at another at the wrong moment then one knows the pixies have drawn you way. Fear these dark fairies for they will destroy your life

Sorrowful fairy

In the shadowland sadness is a constent compainion, there a Russian tale that discusses this very subject, the compainion Misery. In which misery takes on real form, in some respects this is almsot what fairies seem to be at times, emotions powerful emotions taking on real form. And often times the most powerful emotions are greed, jealosy, anger, and sadness. For more often then not when these emotions enter they will destroy even the greatest of loves.
We are merely wired to pretend that they don't exist much of the time. But the dark fairies of our mind do indeed exist, and when they show themseleves there is nothing we can do.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Hylas and the Nymphs by John Williams Waterhouse

The Most Beautiful creatures in legend where also some of the darkest. For the Nymph drowned Hylas, turned men into pigs and did many other terrifying acts.

Yet at the sime time this dark fairy seemed almost vunrible, helpless in many ways, for Pan would chase them as would other satyrs.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Dark Robotic Fairy

As injuries and suffering mounts so to does what we loose.
In loss we find ways to adapt to remake ourselves. To attempt to regain what we lost.
Resilliance is a form of beauty, one which should not be discounted for it may be all we have.

The Dark Fairy of the Skull

Once a playful creature which danced among the gardens of the world, all things must find a way to adapt, and so it is that in constent struggle and war of life the fairy has discovered a home among the skulls of the dead.